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Entrust us your idea,
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Our services:

Healthcare Development

Comprehensive services development services  for healthcare institutions provided by one company

Effective healthcare economics and management are still underdeveloped in Ukraine but key to success of health-related businesses. The growing market of health services, increasing demand for good quality healthcare, steps towards insurance healthcare models put the focus on the importance of effective management in healthcare.

In the modern world, managers of healthcare institutions should combine expertise in medicine with business acumen and be able to:

  • analyze strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise in a competitive environment, develop effective business strategies;
  • analyze and match the resources to the needs of an enterprise;
  • plan marketing measures;
  • promote the image and visibility of an enterprise through mass media and public relations;
  • collect management information for informed decision making;
  • develop and implement investment projects to expand business.

The Medindustry experts are ready to offer their services starting from the stage of idea generation, up to successful implementation of your ideas in the sphere of healthcare.

Our team:
— does feasibility checks of your business ideas and plans,
— develops project documentation for healthcare projects,
— provides you with premises options,
— prepares required certificates and permits,
— carries out repair and construction works of your medical institution,
— equips your medical institution with furniture and medical equipment,
— provides technical support.

You decide, and we work using the "fire and forget" principle, always aimed at achieving results. You select your degree of involvement yourselft.

If required, we can even engage in management of your medical institution or provide other outsourcing solutions to increase business effectiveness and improve quality of service.

Please contact our managers or send us an email, and we will gladly help you to accelerate the implementation of your ideas – efficient and well-operating medical institution bringing in a steadily increasing income.

Frequently asked questions

Medical development — what do you mean by this term?

Answer: The term «Medical development» comes from the English noun development, meaning “progress, rise, advance, evolution”. Development in medical sphere is a qualified reorganization of medical institution aimed at increase of object value and including construction, legal, organizational, management, logistics and other improvements of the object.
«Medical development» – is a range of different measures, targeted at increase of value of a medical institution, center or clinic. Qualified medical development results in effective management of medical institution, continuous operation of medical service machinery owing to professional medical management, overall supply of a medical institution, validation of all licenses and permission documentation etc. After all, a level of medical institution efficiency and income from medical activity depends on successful medical development.

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