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Our services:

Licensing supply

Assistance in receiving licenses for your medical institutions

While receiving a license for medical activity you may face a number of difficulties stipulated by peculiarities of Ukrainian legislation and red tape typical for Ukrainian state health care bodies.

In order not to waste months or even years in vain and due to specific obstacles existing in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine it is preferable to charge experienced specialists with preparation and execution of documents necessary for license issue. Only specialists having rich experience in execution of medical licenses will be able to help you to obtain all documents appropriate for operation of your medical institution quickly and legally.

It’s not the first year that the Medicine development center of Medindustry provides services in order investors could obtain all relevant permission documentation including a license for medical activity. Moreover, we have a rich experience in preparation and execution of all documents necessary for different accreditations and certifications of medical institutions.

The Medicine development center of Medindustry provides:

  • consulting on execution of necessary permission documentation at all stages of designing, construction and repair work, start-up of objects
  • consulting on execution of documents necessary for receiving a material and technical base certificate for medical activity
  • consulting on execution of licenses for medical activity
  • consulting on execution of necessary medical certificates
  • consulting and assistance in receiving a certificate of accordance with international quality control standards

Please contact us, and we will consult you on how to obtain legally all necessary licenses, permits and documents within the shortest possible period of time and minimal waste of time from your side!

Frequently asked questions

What services do you provide within the constraints of technical support of medical institutions?

Answer: We offer a full set of works for providing technical support of medical institutions, clinics and medical centers: technical support and maintenance of medical equipment, supply of consumables, up to technical and documentary support for power, water and heat supply of customer’s medical institution. Twenty-four-hour technical support of medical institutions when our experts are ready to come for maintenance of medical equipment at any time during the day or night 7 days per week is performed in Kiev, Kiev region, Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzerzynsk, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhje.

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E-mail: info@medindustr.com