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Complex medical projects

Nowadays invention and development of technologies happens more and more rapidly. Opportunities of medicine become wider, and as a result requirements for a level of medical service become higher. In such conditions medical institutions should not only correspond to all established standards of quality, but also constantly update and renovate medical technologies and equipment they use. It is necessary to elaborate a mechanism allowing customer-oriented medical institutions to make quick and successful decisions for increase of medical services efficiency.

Complex medical projects represent the most successful approach, since while using a complex approach to organization and management of medical institutions we can not only reorganize, re-equip, modify and transform medical institutions and treatment methods, thus creating a completely new medical institution, but also to use existing resources most efficiently.

Moreover, complex development of medical projects allows to take into account preferences and to satisfy needs of patients and medical stuff already at the stage of idea generation.

Medindustry performs a complete cycle of design works and complex equipping of health care institutions, starting from project elaboration and finishing with a ready-to-operate medical institution.

Such an approach allows to save investor’s time and money in the process of creation and subsequent operation of the object.

Our clients receive well-elaborated medical projects prepared by one licensed company, consult this company on all organizational and technical issues, since it is able to perform functions of designer and contractor, and to provide professional services regarding author’s supervision of the project at the construction stage.

Frequently asked questions

I plan to open a medical center in Kiev. What assistance can your company provide?

Answer: Medindustry is ready to provide you will all set of services for your medical center to become ready-to-operate. In other words, we can set you free from all efforts connected with opening of your medical center.
In case you need a more specified answer, it depends on what stages you have already gone through. Have you worked out the idea of your medical center activity? Have you had the design of your medical center elaborated and approved by appropriate in progress? Is a company carrying out construction works for your medical center qualified enough? Did this company receive orders for construction of medical institutions before and were they fulfilled successfully? Are you satisfied with equipping of your medical center with medical facilities (is chosen equipment most effective and does it correspond to world standards, won’t you face any problems with supply of consumables, have you agreed about maintenance of this medical equipment)?

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