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Entrust us your idea,
and You will receive a ready-to-operate medical business

Our services:

Creation and reliable overall support of medical institutions

You can count on our assistance already at the stage of generating the idea of your medical business. Advice of experts having overall experience in designing, creation, re-equipment of many medical institutions will help to ensure reliability of your investments.

You can find a detailed list of our opportunities in the menu «Our services », in the left part of the site. Shortly describing this list, we can say that we provide a complete range of services at all stages of creation and development of a medical institution of any ownership:

  • completion/update of idea of medical business;
  • settlement of all issues arising at the stages of elaboration, approval, concurrence of a project and execution of all necessary approvals and permission documents;
  • conversion, re-equipment and restructuring of medical institutions;
  • construction of a medical institution;
  • technological supply;
  • equipping and supply of medical institutions: installation of medical and other equipment, supply of consumables for medical equipment, equipping of medical institutions with medical and cabinet furniture;
  • technical support of medical institutions: repair works and emergency maintenance of premises and provided medical equipment;
  • assistance in execution of appropriate documents and license for medical activity, other licenses and permission documentary necessary for medical institution;

Stated above list of services is not full. In case, for instance, you would like to open a medical center in Ukraine and have not found in the list some interesting for you services regarding creation and management of a medical institution, please contact our managers at 0 (44) 499-18-45, or send us an e-mail — and we will gladly answer you whether Medindustry can provide you necessary services based on your specific situation.

Теl.: +380 44 499-18-45
Fax.: +380 44 499-18-47
E-mail: info@medindustr.com